-   Our Story   -

Hello! We are the Sheets - Smetzer family and We. Love. Hot. Sauce.

Hello! Our names are Joshua, Jamie, Alixandria, and Oriana. Thank you for visiting our page! As a family we believe in shopping small and supporting our community. We aim to live intentionally and are continuously learning what that means to us. The four of us believe that more love and conversation could bring people closer together. Where's is the best place to start? Right where you are! Or the nearest dinner table! Our food choices matter. For us topping off a well prepared meal with a little (or a LOT of) spice is our favorite way to come together! Join us?!

We began selling our sauce in May of 2016. All of our sauces are made with love in small batches and hand labeled by the four of us. Our girls can work a heat gun like no other! 

Why the name?

My last name is Sheets and I've worked in kitchens for a long time. In the kitchen the humor rides a fine line of appropriateness and clean jokes. Most of it ends up sauced in the fun of sharing dirty  slightly off-key laughs. Mine has always been unfiltered. Somewhere along the joking the name Ol' Dirty emerged. Professional kitchens can be a crazy place...

Why our hot sauce?

We wish to share our love of great food and even better hot sauce with everybody (Whether they like it or not! Ha!) It's pretty much that simple. When creating our hot sauce recipes we focus on the layering of flavors. Condiments should complement your food, not cover it up. We love to cook and create in the kitchen together as a family. We have experimented over the years and we keep coming back to the love and passion of making healthy, tasty, and of spicy creations!

We'd love to have you along for the ride,  Come along we usually take the scenic route!
---   Meet The Artist   ----

Our label art is hand drawn by one of our very best friends Hannah Zurko, see more of her work at hannahzurko.com. She Rocks!