Sweet'n' Heat Gift Box

Sweet'n' Heat Gift Box

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Give your loved one (or yourself!) a special treat! 




1 large hand made Sweet Heat Large Hot Cocoa Bomb (flavored with our spice blend!) 


1 large hand made Feel the Beet Large Hot Cocoa Bomb 


1 bottle of our spice blend Ere' Day Spice



*can make substitutions of hot cocoa bomb flavors and ODS product/  if available upon request


*local pick up only

(Please choose your preferred pick up date and allow at least two days for processing)

  • Directions:

    Heat 12 oz. of your favorite milk to steaming (145-160 degrees). Place cocoa bomb in oversized mug and pour steamed milk over top. Enjoy and Feel the LOVE!

  • Ingredients:

    Shell (cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter) Marshmallows (tapioca syrup, cane sugar, filtered water, tapioca starch, carrageenan, soy protein, vanilla) Filling (raw cacao powder, coconut sugar, himalayan salt) CONTAINS SOY


    Feel the Beat (organic beet powder)

    Sweet Heat (Ere'day spice: onion, tomato, chipotle morita chile, garlic, sea salt, turbinado sugar, chile d'arbol, chile guajillo, spices, smoked sea salt)